Deactivating or deleting my ad

If you are reading this article, we really hope that you have found what you were looking for. But for whatever reason you want to deactivate your ad, pay attention on two details: you can either deactivate the ad or delete it.


By deactivating your ad you will simply make it not visible on the search result of advertisers, which means you will not receive any messages from users nor emails from us anymore.

To deactivate your ad go to the page “ My Ads” by clicking on your name top right and then click on "My Ads". From there click on “Deactivate”. 


Whenever you want to resume your search you can just click on “  Activate”.


When you delete your ad or profile, your account will still be active. Remember that you can always come back and create a new ad.

To delete your ad, you need first to deactivate it as explained above, then the option to “ Delete” will appear.


This action will suppress all information concerning the ad which can not be recovered.

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